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Frequently Asked Questions..........

A majority of our clients get services through Medicaid. If you have Medicaid or think you might qualify for Medicaid, contact your local Division of Senior Services.

If you don't have Medicaid you may contact our agency directly at 1-888-560-3166 or any of the other numbers on our service area page.

Medicaid pays for in-home services. Other options for non-Medicaid clients are to pay privately or to use VA or another insurance provider. Many insurance providers now cover in home services.

We will work with you (and your Medicaid worker, if applicable) to provide the services you need. Our aides are not allowed, however, to clean up after guests and other able household members. We also do not clean up after or feed pets or farm animals. We are limited in how often we can run errands and the errands must be essential (grocery, medication, etc.). Our aides can not buy you alcohol.

Clients must be in the home at the time the services are rendered. We  cannot transport or accompany our clients to visits and appointments if they are in the In-Home Services Program. We can, however, transport private pay clients, veterans, and consumers in the Consumer Directed Services Program.